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The Teach Write Academy

Where Teachers Go to Grow as Writers & as Writing Teachers

About the Teach Write Academy

The Teach Write Academy is THE place where teacher-writers go to connect, grow, and write together. It is your one-stop place to grow as a teacher-writer AND as a teacher who writes!

Teach Write was founded by former teacher Jen Laffin in 2017 after she experienced much trouble with teaching writing in her own classroom. It was only after Jen began a writing habit for herself that she truly understood the connection between being a strong writing teacher and being a teacher who writes. 

After offering workshops for several years, Jen began the Teach Write Academy in 2022 to expand the reach of the Teach Write community and to help teachers everywhere (even internationally) connect, grow, and support each other.

Starting in 2023, the legacy of Teach Write continues under new leadership from a long time member: Erica Johnson.  Erica has over a decade of experience in the classroom and has found that writing alongside her students to be of the upmost importance for establishing and growing a community of writers. It is her vision to see this space thrive as a creative community where all feel welcomed -- just like in her classroom.

The Teach Write Academy is a powerhouse of resources, workshops, and inspiration for teachers who want to write. 

For just $59/month, membership in the Teach Write Academy includes:
* Unlimited Time to Write Workshop sessions (4 sessions available as of now)
* Daily & Monthly writing challenges
* Free learning workshops
* A constantly growing resource library
* Social hours & the Writer's Read Book Club
* Inspiration
* Accountability
* Connection to & support from an amazing community of teacher-writers

Membership in the Teach Write Community is open to ANY educator (past, present, or future) who is interested in growing as a writer.

You won't find anything quite like the Teach Write Academy out there. Come see why when you join us here!

Why Should YOU Join Us?

Here at Teach Write, we believe that teachers who write make the best teachers of writers. 

But so many teachers in today's classrooms are ill-equipped to teach writing due to a lack of training, support, and preparation. The result is that not only do teachers dislike writing, but their students do too.

The members of the Teach Write Academy have come to quickly know that the job of teaching writers is so much easier when the teacher has first-hand knowledge of what it's like to write. 

Here in the Teach Write Academy, our teacher-writers quickly build confidence in their writing skills. They get excited about writing and they just can't help but bring their enthusiasm back to their classrooms resulting in more confident and engaging writing instruction.  Naturally, their students benefit and become more engaged, enthusiastic writers too.

If you are someone who wants to find out what it feels like to ENJOY teaching writing, come join us!

I have more questions!

Can I join for just one month to see if I like it? Your  membership is similar to a gym membership or Netflix -- it renews until you cancel it. If you join and decide you do not want to continue past your first month, just email [email protected] at least two days before your renewal date to request a cancellation of your membership. 

Do you offer a referral program? We do! As a matter of fact, many of our members were referred to us by a friend who is also in the Teach Write Academy. Just tell Erica that you have a friend who'd like to join and we will send the invitation. When they join, you'll get a month free as a thank you for your referral. 

I'm an admin and would like to offer this to my entire staff. Do you offer group pricing? Yes! Email [email protected] to set up a meeting to discuss your needs.

Join Us!

The Teach Write Academy is open to anyone associated with education - teachers (past, present, or future), administrators, university instructors, literacy specialists & coaches, substitutes, and more. 

You do not need a lot of writing experience to join -- just a desire to grow as a writer.  

We offer a No-Risk 48-Hour Moneyback Guarantee. If you join the Teach Write Academy and decide it's not for you, just notify us at [email protected] within 48 hours and we will happily refund your money.