Focus on Fiction: A Book Study/Time to Write! Online Writing Workshop for Teacher-Writers {JULY 2019} by Jennifer Laffin

Focus on Fiction: A Book Study/Time to Write! Online Writing Workshop for Teacher-Writers {JULY 2019}

Let's have some fun & focus on fiction this summer....

You know that amazing book you just read? The one you hesitated to finish because you didn't want the story to end? The one you are still thinking about and wondering how the author wrote such a story? The one that made YOU consider writing fiction so you could give writing stories like that a try?

Or how about the last fiction unit you taught in your writing classroom? Did you find that many of the stories your students wrote were plot driven, yet nothing really happened in the story? That the main character lacked a problem to solve? Did you struggle with how to support these students to make their stories more engaging and fulfilling?

Or maybe you feel stalled in your writing and are aching to give something different a try. Have you grown used to writing in one genre (for many teacher-writers, this is non-fiction) and want to give your writing muscles a good stretch to reinvigorate yourself and your craft? Do you want to get out of your writing comfort zone so you can experience some writing growth?

Then join us in the Focus on Fiction book study/online writing workshop this July!

The Focus on Fiction book study/online writing workshop will help participants stretch outside of their comfort zone and focus on writing fiction. We will figure out some of the craft moves our favorite authors have used and develop a few of our own. 

In addition to doing lots of writing, we will use Lisa Cron's Story Genius as a course text to guide our work in trying our hand at writing fiction. Story Genius is an easy-to-read guide for writing fiction that will help you create a riveting story that your readers can't get enough of! (Plus, it will finally explain how some of your favorite authors do what they do.) Packed with writing insights and purposeful writing activities, Story Genius will not only change the way you write fiction, it will change the way you teach fiction writing to your students. 

As we grow as fiction writers ourselves, we will keep bringing the conversation back to how we can use what we've learned to help our students be stronger fiction writers too. It's a win-win for everyone!

Come join the fun and try something new this summer!

Here's what to expect:

We will meet online each week via Zoom to talk about Story Genius and work on our own fiction writing.

At our weekly online meetings (via Zoom), we will:
  • Catch up on our writing progress since our last meeting
  • Share our responses to the weekly assigned reading from Lisa Cron's Story Genius
  • Write together (about an hour)
  • Support each other in our writing & in trying out the ideas from Story Genius
  • Set a writing goal for the upcoming week

This Focus on Fiction workshop is for those who are interested and committed to writing fiction only. (Other Time to Write workshops are available for those writing in other genres.)

Participants must purchase a copy of Lisa Cron's Story Genius before our first meeting.

Meeting Information:

Tuesdays from 6:00 - 7:30 PM Eastern (5:00 - 6:30 PM Central) via Zoom on

Cost: $99 


Do I have to be a seasoned fiction writer to take this workshop?

Not at all. Writers of all levels are welcome. This workshop is geared toward those who've wanted to write fiction and are willing to work through the hard parts of trying something new together!

Do I have to buy the book, Story Genius?

Yes. Story Genius will guide our discussion and learning throughout this workshop. 

Will you teach us how to write fiction?

We will use the exercises and ideas in Story Genius for our learning in this workshop. I am a beginning fiction writer too, but I will definitely be a part of the conversation as I share the things I have learned from my expansive reading on fiction writing. 

Why should I take this workshop?

  • You'll learn new writing skills & grow new writing muscles.
  • You'll make progress toward your dream of writing a fiction piece by committing to working on a fiction project for at least an hour a week (hopefully more).
  • The accountability factor will help get you to your page on a regular basis.
  • You'll learn some new tips for teaching fiction writing that you can take back into your classroom.
  • You'll be a part of a supportive, fun group of other teacher-writers who are all learning about writing fiction too!
  • Story Genius is a really good book!

Will you tell me what to write?

No. Each participant will come with their own story idea in mind. Don't have a story idea? Our course mentor text, Story Genius, can help! 
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