I am {NOT} a Writer!: A Writing Mindset Workshop for Teachers Who Want to Write {JULY 2020} by Jennifer Laffin

I am {NOT} a Writer!: A Writing Mindset Workshop for Teachers Who Want to Write {JULY 2020}

What is keeping you from writing or from being able to say "I am a writer"?

Let's explore the role our mindset plays in keeping us from the page and from becoming the writer we've always dreamed we could be! 

"I am a writer."

If you are like many of us, these words are near impossible to say.

So let's ask --

What is a writer?

Many of us think that a writer is someone who is published. And while this is true, this definition does not tell the whole story.

Quite honestly --

A writer is someone who writes.

Therefore, if you can put words down on a page, you are a writer.

It's that simple, and yet it's so complicated.

Doing the kind of writing you want to do and being able to say "I am a writer" often forces us to face so many things that have been holding us back:

      * The memory of the time a teacher returned your essay covered in red ink.
      * The feeling that every word you put down on the page must be perfect.
      * The idea that you have nothing of value to say, you have nothing to write about, or that others will judge you
            by what you write or how you write it.
      * The laundry list of things we must complete before we can write.
      * The thought that you don't have any writing talent, don't know how to write, or that somehow you will write
           something wrong

If any of these sound familiar, you are not alone.

If becoming a writer is  something you've wanted to do, but you couldn't find a way to get past the things that hold you back, it's time to push back and take control.

It's time to say "I am a writer" because...you ARE and the I am {NOT} a Writer Mindset Workshop will help you do just that.
This "I am {NOT} a Writer" Mindset Workshop will help you examine those things which are holding you back from writing and from feeling like a writer.

Together, we will explore how our mindset affects our perception of ourselves as writers and how we can turn our fixed "I am not a writer" mindset into a mindset that allows us to approach the page and our writing with grace, curiosity, and a willingness to grow and make mistakes.

And because we are all writers -- we will write our way through our mindset shift.

This shift will make you a better writing teacher

When we push back against those things that are holding us back, we find that what holds us back as writers often is what holds our students back too!  (Try learning that in a curriculum manual!) 

The result = we become stronger writing teachers!

Are you ready?

If you've had enough and you are ready to own your 'writerhood', get ready!

This four week workshop will lead you through an exploration of those things which are holding you back, support you in pushing back, get you writing, and cheer you on in your journey to saying "I am a Writer!" 

Here are the details:

This is an active workshop -- you will write and you will be encouraged to write outside of class. We will provide the ideas and inspiration and you provide the willingness to try.

This is also a safe space for you to grow into the writer you want to be. We are all here to support & encourage you. There will be no red pens (unless you like to write in red ink), no one will critique or criticize your writing, and you will leave feeling good about your writing and about calling yourself a writer.

Meeting dates: Wednesdays in July {7/8, 7/15, 7/22 & 7/29}

Meeting time: 10:30 - 11:30 AM ET {9:30 - 10:30 AM CT}

Location: Online via Zoom {Link will be sent before the course begins}

Audience: Any & all educators who would like to grow as writers

Text: We will read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, one of my favorite creativity mindset books, to guide our learning. The War of Art by Steven Pressfield is an optional text, but will be referred to often. (affiliate links)

Cost: $89

Ready to enroll? Just click the yellow or blue "Buy for $89" button above

Questions? Email Jen at Jennifer@TeachWrite.org

No-Risk Guarantee: Try the first class and if you don't find this time beneficial to your writing life, contact us within 24 hours and we will happily refund your money.

Want to go "all in"?

Practice what you are learning in this course by also enrolling in our July Time to Write workshop! Gather with other teacher-writers for conversation, support, & writing time every week. When you enroll in the I am {NOT} a Writer! Workshop, you will be given the chance to also enroll in the July Time to Write workshop -- and you'll save $10 when you do!