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Teach Write Academy
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The Teach Write Academy

Where Teachers Go to Grow as Writers & as Writing Teachers

About the Teach Write Academy

The Teach Write Academy is THE place where teacher-writers go to connect, grow, and write together. It is your one-stop place to grow as a teacher-writer AND as a teacher who writes!

For just $75/month, membership in the Teach Write Academy includes:
* Unlimited Time to Write Workshop sessions
* Unlimited Wake Up & Write sessions
* Writing mindset coaching
* Monthly writing challenges
* Writing badges
* Accountability
* Free learning workshops
* Our resource library
* Inspiration
* Connection to & support from an amazing community of teacher-writers

Membership in the Teach Write Community is open to ANY educator (past, present, or future) who is interested in growing as a writer.

You won't find anything quite like the Teach Write Academy out there. Come see why!

Why Should YOU Join Us?

Here at Teach Write, we believe that teachers who write make the best teachers of writers. But so many teachers in today's classrooms are ill-equipped to teach writing due to a lack of training, support, and preparation. The result is that not only do teachers dislike writing, but their students do too.

The members of the Teach Write Academy have come to quickly know that the job of teaching writers is so much easier when the teacher has first-hand knowledge of what it's like to write. 

Here in the Teach Write Academy, our teacher-writers quickly build confidence in their writing skills. They get excited about writing and they just can't help but bring their enthusiasm back to their classrooms resulting in more confident and engaging writing instruction.  Naturally, their students benefit and become more engaged, enthusiastic writers too.

If you are someone who wants to find out what it feels like to ENJOY teaching writing, come join us! 

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