Time to Write!: A Virtual Writing Workshop for Teacher-Writers (TUESDAY PM / 4 Sessions) JUNE 2019 by Jennifer Laffin

Time to Write!: A Virtual Writing Workshop for Teacher-Writers (TUESDAY PM / 4 Sessions) JUNE 2019

Dedicate some time each week to growing into the teacher-writer you've always dreamed you could be!

Come discover the JOY of being a teacher-writer!

Do you need some accountability to get yourself to the page?

Has starting a writing habit been something you've always dreamed of doing?

Do you want  to start a writing habit but don't want to go it alone?

Want to meet and write with some incredibly supportive teacher-writers who 'get' why being a teacher who writes makes us better teachers of writers?

We can help!

Put some time for your writing on your calendar each week when you join the Time to Write! Virtual Writing Workshop from The Teach Write Academy.

Here are the details!

Bring your writing and join us on Tuesday evenings this June in the Teach Write  Time to Write!: Virtual Writing Workshop for All Educators!

Through weekly Zoom meetings, we will:
   * Meet to check in
   * Set writing goals   
   * Report on our progress (Accountability!)
   * Offer each other support & community (Connect with other teacher-writers!)   
   * WRITE!  (Weekly sessions will include one hour of virtual writing time.) 

Meeting Time:  
The following TUESDAY evenings:

5:00 - 6:30 pm Central Time (6:00 - 7:30 pm Eastern) ONLINE via Zoom

Cost:  $64

No-Risk Guarantee: Try the first class and if you don't find this time beneficial to your writing life and contact us within 24 hours, we will happily refund your money.

Questions? Email Jennifer at Jennifer@TeachWrite.org. 

Here's What Our Participants Have to Say...

Before enrolling in the Time to Write workshop, my writing routine was hit-or-miss. Both my computer and notebooks were filled with drafts that I started but never finished.  I wanted to write and had so many ideas, but didn’t always prioritize writing.  Instead, I often found so many excuses not to write and listened to that inner voice that discouraged my ideas. The weekly workshop provided me with a dedicated block of time to write and opportunities for regular goal-setting encouraged me not only to hold myself accountable but also to celebrate my accomplishments as a writer.  My writing output increased, my confidence has grown exponentially, and I am a proud teacher-writer.  However, I have not only grown as a writer, I have also discovered an amazing community of teacher-writers who encourage and inspire me. 
Dr. Jennifer Floyd
Prior to my participation in this workshop, I considered myself a teacher who dreamt of being a writer...someday.  I held this dream for most of my life, yet for various reasons, I denied myself permission to realize my dream.  My yearning to write, though, continued to grow, so I decided to do something about it. Since joining the weekly Wednesday night Time to Write! workshop, I have gained confidence in myself as a writer. I AM a writer! It is no longer "I want to be a writer someday." I appreciate the encouragement I have received from everyone in the group.
Tracy Vogelgesang


Do I have to already be a writer to take this course?

No. You only need a desire to write and some writing that you'd like to work on. Writers of ALL levels are welcome and supported here.

Do you tell me what to write about?

No, every writer is working on their own thing. Some will work on blog posts, poetry, evening pages, personal journaling, journal articles, etc. (We are happy to provide ideas if you need one though.)

What if I have to miss a week?

No problem. Life happens. Just let me know so we don't worry about you. 

Do I have to be involved with education to take this workshop?

Yes. The Time to Write! workshop is for those who are involved with education in some way. We spend quite a bit of time talking about how we can use our practice as teacher-writers to support our teaching of writers.